Prices of our Cosmetic Injections and Packages

Our pricing for cosmetic injectable is based on the usage and varies depending on the number of units or syringes used to treat each client.

Our cosmetic doctors will discuss your concerns and conduct a thorough assessment prior to determining the required amount. Our goal is to create natural-looking results hence our principle is to only use the right amount of anti-wrinkle solutions and dermal fillers.

In addition to our highly competitive pricing, our doctor injector has successfully performed over 10,000 treatments and is internationally renowned for her artistic results. Our clinical setting provides for a clean, safe and private environment.

The prices shown below are averages for single treatment.

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

1 UNIT – $5.25

Area Average Units Required
Frown Lines 50-80 units
Crows Feet 50-80 units
Forehead Lines 20-50 units
Upper & Lower Lip lines 20-30 units
Chin Creases 30-40 units
Teeth Grinding/Bruxism 100-200 units
Jawline Slimming/Masseter reduction 100-200 units

Dermal Fillers

HA FILLER 1ML – $400 TO $550

Choice of Filler depends on area and indication

Area Average ML Required
Lips 1ml
Cheeks 1-2 ml
Marionette 1-2 ml
Chin 1-2 ml
Tear trough 1-2 ml
Jawline 2-3 ml
Buccal Hollowing 2-3 ml


1 UNIT – $5.25

Area Average Units Required
Hyperhidrosis (Armpits/Hands) 100-200 units

Jawline Shaping with Muscle Relaxant and HA Fillers

1 UNIT – $5.25

HA FILLER 1ML – $400 TO $550

Area Average Required
Masseter Reduction 100-200 units
Jawline Filler 2-3 ml


Treatment Average Price (GST inclusive & per session)
Fat Dissolving (small area) $250
Fat Dissolving (large area) $500 - $750
Skin Rejuvenation Cocktail (face) $550
Depigmentation Cocktail (face) $550
Hair Regrowth Cocktail with Skin Needling (1 palm sized area) $350
Hair Regrowth PRP Injections $600

Matrix PDO Pricing

Best advised after a face-to-face assessment

Dependant on number and type of PDO thread used

Platelet Rich Plasma

Recommendation – repeat every 10 to 12 months

Treatment Average Price (GST incl.)
1 session $600
Series of 3 $1600

Skin Boosters


Area Average ML Required
Half Face 1 ml
Full face 1-2 ml
Face & Neck 2-3 ml
Hands 1-2 ml

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