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PDO Thread Lift for the Chest in Bayside, Melbourne

Over time, the natural ageing process can cause skin on the chest to sag and develop wrinkles and lines. While surgery was once the only solution for treating these concerns, a non-surgical alternative is now available with a PDO thread lift for the chest. At Bay Medical Aesthetics, we can perform a chest thread lift in Melbourne to lift sagging skin and address lines and creases, using quality Matrix PDO threads to help achieve your desired results.

What Does a PDO Chest Thread Lift Involve?

A chest thread lift treatment involves our Cosmetic Doctor using a special biodegradable polymer thread to safely insert beneath the skin. This thread, known as PDO, has been safely used for suturing for more than 50 years and has recently shown great results for cosmetic applications.

A PDO thread lift for the chest can target various areas of the chest depending on the concern being treated. PDO threads can provide a lift to sagging breasts, tighten sagging skin on the décolletage, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, lines and creases on the chest. In addition to lifting sagging skin, PDO threads can also tighten and firm skin by stimulating collagen production as the threads dissolve over time. In a process known as hydrolysis, the thread is safely absorbed by the body within approximately 180-200 days.

At Bay Medical Aesthetics, our Cosmetic Doctor uses two types of Matrix PDO threads depending on the patients targeted concern. Mono Threads have a smooth surface and are suitable for addressing general sagging, while Long COG Threads have cogs that more effectively attach to tissue for a stronger lift – ideal for reducing deeper wrinkles and lines.

The Benefits of PDO Chest Thread Lifts

  • Non-surgical, with minimal downtime required
  • Stimulates production of collagen for smoother, tighter skin
  • Capable of lifting the breasts and reducing sagging skin on the décolletage
  • Long-lasting results

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If you’d like to address sagging skin or wrinkles on the chest or décolletage, arrange a complimentary consultation at Bay Medical Aesthetics to find out if a PDO thread lift is suitable for you. Our doctor-led team will assess your skin concerns and answer any questions you might have about having a chest thread lift at our Melbourne clinic.

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