Eyes: Bags, Droopy Eyelids

Eyes: Bags, Droopy Eyelids

Under-eye bags are a result of underlying tissue structures weakening. Unfortunately, this is a natural part of the ageing process and when the muscles in charge of supporting your eyelids begin to weaken, we see some movement in those structures. This is when skin, fat cells and even muscle tissue may fall and begin to even sometimes accumulate fluid.

While this is a very natural phenomena, there are a few things which can serve to speed up the process somewhat. Some habits which are linked to worsened under-eye bags include: Lots of late nights and subsequent lack of sleepsmokingfluid retention (particularly first thing in the morning or after a ingesting lots of salt) and undiagnosed or untreated allergies.

“Dark Circles” are discolouration and pigmentation under the eyes, on the other hand, may appear blue or purple-tinted, making the eyes both look and feel gaunt, lifeless and sunken.

If your under-eye bags are due to an excess of skin, you will often find that skin somewhat protrudes, feels heavy and may even affect your field of vision in extreme cases. Others sometimes spot that cosmetics gather or wear away near the creases of the skin and leave very visible makeup erosion.

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